miercuri, 12 ianuarie 2011


Appeared in 2011 hot buys...

Let's see what the hot buys clothes appear in early 2011

Hot Buys Shoes – January 11th (Rio)
Hot Buys Star Skirt – January 13th (Evil Panda)
Hot Buys Feather Pants – January 16th (Fallen Angel)
Hot Buys Earrings – January 17th (Splendid)
Hot Buys Bow Top – January 18th (Bisou)
Hot Buys Top – January 21st (Fudge)
Hot Buys Cotton Bag – January 23rd (Pretty in Pink)
Hot Buys Dress – January 25th (Rio)Hot Buys Faux Fur Hat – January 27th (Evil Panda)
Hot Buys Stud Jacket – January 29th (Fallen Angel)

Rachel Weisz...

 Rachel Hannah Weisz was born on the 7th March 1970, she is an actress and fashion model. Some of her movies are "The mummy" and "The mummy returns" she appeared in them both in 2002.She also starred in a movie called "About a boy" with "Hugh Grant".She won an award for "Academy best suporting actress" for her movie in 2005 called "the constant gardener" along with other motion picture awards. She was born in London where she become this famous and to me she is an inspiration and all i would ever want to be

 New style...

We like the new style?

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